Charitable Giving Update 2022

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Charitable giving is one of my core values. I donate my time, talent and treasure to organizations that support my community and those that are dedicated to missions I care about.

I have given back consistently for the past 10 years; sporadically before that. I give to show my gratitude for all that I have and all the magical ways my business has grown over the years. I give to show my support for non-profits working hard to make this world a better place. I give to organizations that have given to me many times over. I give for a lot of reasons I can’t put into words right now.

But I’ve never publicly shared this information. I give without any expectation of receiving. I don’t need a pat on the back. I just do it.

In the interest of transparency, and in hopes of inspiring others to give, I’m posting the organizations myself and my business have supported so far this year.

What’s your charitable giving philosophy? Please share in the comments below!

Charitable Giving Q1-3 2022

CatTown Oakland. I help out in its adoption center roughly two afternoons a month. This organization has helped thousands of cats find loving homes and has reduced the euthanasia rate for Oakland’s shelter cats by 70%.  Geoff, who is sleeping next to me right now, is one of those cats.

Misc. behind-the-scenes editing projects for Pamakid Runners, my running club for about 15 years. As a non-profit, it donates proceeds from its half marathon to local organizations that support a healthy lifestyle. Admittedly, I haven’t done much for Pamakids over the past couple years, but in the past, I’ve served on the board, volunteered at events, and written for the newsletter.

CatTown Oakland

Prometheus Symphony

Oakland LGBTQ Center

East Oakland Youth Development Center

Alzheimer’s Association

Uhuru Furniture (stuff)

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