Charitable Giving Update for 2023

Giving back to organizations that align with my values is something I feel strongly about and do consistently. I have donated to a number of organizations over the past 10 years and have volunteered for even longer.

I give for a lot of reasons: I give to show my gratitude for all I have received. I give so that organizations can continue to carry out their missions. I give because it’s another way I can make a positive impact in the world.

In the interest of transparency, and in hopes of inspiring others to give, I’m listing the organizations myself and my business have supported so far this year. I started publishing these updates last year. It’s neat to see the history.

I’m also sharing a new initiative for 2024: For every referral that leads to new business, I will donate 5% of the gross revenue to the charity of the referrer’s choice.

The charity of choice can be any 501 (c)(3) that’s doing good in the world. The referrer can also leave the choice to me. If they do, I’ll be choosing a cat rescue in your area or ProLiteracy Worldwide, which provides funding, training, and resources to advance adult literacy.

What’s your charitable giving philosophy? Please share in the comments below!

CatTown Oakland. CatTown has helped thousands of cats find loving homes and has reduced the euthanasia rate for Oakland’s shelter cats by 70%.  Geoff, who is sleeping next to me right now, is one of those cats. I had to scale back from volunteering a good bit this year because my mom needed some help, but plan to return in December. I’m looking forward to spending time with cute cats and cool people!


CatTown Oakland

Feral Change

Animal Fix Clinic

Friends of Oakland Animal Services

Hip Hop for the People


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