Content Writing Training

Content Writing Training for Life Sciences Companies and Agencies

Take your in-house content writers, copywriters, and strategists from good to great with hands-on, industry-specific training from a seasoned pro.

Make the most of your most prized asset—your people. Professional development is key to employee satisfaction and retention. But with so many deadlines, it’s hard to find time to mentor your writers or find programs that help them grow creatively and professionally.

By investing in training, you’ll not only save money on outsourcing, you’ll give your in-house writers tools to help them thrive. 

The result: more engaged marketer/writers. Writers who create content that performs better, which translates to more leads and sales for your business or for your clients.

Through a series of short sessions (60-90-minutes), I’ll provide training on the skills your writers want and need most, whether it’s creating emails that convert or writing a white paper. If they need support on the craft of writing or writing about technical topics, I’ll provide that too. Passive voice is pesky!

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What It Involves

  • Short (fun!) sessions led by a fellow writer with 20+ years of experience
  • Sessions tailored to your needs
  • Designed to fit their schedule (because, deadlines)
  • Individual or small group sessions for more focused attention
  • Involves projects they’re already working on for improved productivity 
  • May involve homework
  • Includes constructive critiques, a little tough love, and loads of encouragement
  • Unlimited time post-session to answer follow-up questions
  • If your team is motivated, you’ll see improvements right away

Who It’s For

  • Marketers and writers who want to take their skills to the next level
  • Scientists and technical writers who need to transfer their skills to marketing writing.
  • Marketing employees for whom U.S. English is their second language and want their work to sound more fluid.
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Ready to turn your content team into a powerhouse?