How I Work

Let’s Work Together to Create High-Performing Content

My values inform how I work and how we work together. Here’s what you can expect:

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I was raised to keep promises. If I say I’ll call you tomorrow, I will. I won’t promise the moon unless I’m confident I can deliver. At the same time, if a project seems off base, I’ll suggest a different direction.


I am a solopreneur with a cat. I leverage my trusted network of professionals to assist with print and web design, SEO consulting, public relations, original research reports, and creative brand strategy. I oversee large projects and write all content/copy. If I need to bring in additional writers, you’ll be the first to know.


My goal is to provide a low-hassle experience. I build flexibility into my days to accommodate fast edits and quick-turnaround projects. However, please know if a project goes off the rails, we may need to revisit the scope, which means revisiting the fee.


After nearly 25 years in business, I provide specialized, attentive service. I’m here to help solve your content marketing problems, whether it’s by creating a content repurposing plan, conducting customer research, or simply answering a question out of the blue. 


I am grateful to make a living doing something I’ve loved since childhood. I’m also lucky to work with people I genuinely like and respect. Over time, I hope you’ll value our relationship as I do and appreciate my quirky sense of humor. 


I know you need this done yesterday. I will time travel as soon as the following pieces are in order:

  • Approved estimate or quote
  • Signed services agreement and/or statement of work
  • Deposit (or installment payment, depending on deliverable)

Ready to talk about your project?