Content Strategy & Consulting Fact Sheet

Content Strategy & Consulting

Decision makers rely on content to get a sense of who you are and why you’re the best choice. Is that message coming through, loud and clear?

Grab the attention of your target markets—in the right way at the right time—and keep them interested even after they’ve invested in your product or service.

With strategic planning, your content will have direction and momentum. While your competitors toss mediocre content and boring sales materials out to anyone who might listen, you’ll move forward with a proactive strategy and content that makes the best use of your time and budget.

I leverage decades of experience across editorial, marketing, and communications. I combine that with deep industry expertise to produce plans and insights designed to bring you results.

The best part? A highly personalized, low-hassle experience. Premium-quality services delivered in less time and at a lower cost than the big agencies.

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Strategy and Consulting Services

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The Gateway:
Research & Analysis

Start your campaign, product launch, or content journey by establishing a baseline. Your plan may include any combination of the following:

  • Discovery call to assess your content goals, what’s working, and what isn’t.
  • Customer research to dig deep into your audience’s challenges and questions to inform your sales cycle, campaign, website, and/or content strategy. Includes 1:1 customer interviews.
  • Competitive analysis to evaluate how your content stacks among your competitors.
  • Gap analysis to identify your audience’s unmet content needs and create opportunities for you to meet them.
  • Content audit to identify your content’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify high-performing content and opportunities for improvement.
  • A detailed report that includes results from all of the above, plus suggestions for next steps.

The Game Plan:
Content Strategy

If you’re publishing content without a plan, you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall. A game plan includes a mix of the following:

  • Discovery workshop with your team to assess your services, your audience, and your sales funnel, followed by a content marketing brainstorm.
  • Define and outline your content goals and objectives, with suggestions for how to achieve those goals through content.
  • Detailed description of your target audience: who they are, what they care about, and how your products/services deliver.
  • Development of ~3 content pillars —your content centers on these pillars.
  • Identify content types (blog, white paper, webinar, etc.) that do the best job of reaching your audience.
  • Identify channels through which you can promote your content.

The Game:
Content Roadmap

You’ve got a great plan. Now what? The content roadmap shows you how to get it done. A content roadmap includes the following:

  • Kickoff call to define the roadmap format and process.
  • An outline of specific deliverables based on the strategy. Includes topic ideas.
  • An overview of an execution process that works for your team e.g., who reviews? How many rounds of revisions? What’s the turnaround time for copy, review, and design?
  • An editorial calendar that shows what needs to be produced and when.

Discovery Sessions & Content Consulting

These planning engagements bring direction and clarity to large-scale projects. They help you get unstuck and gain momentum, fast. Possibilities include:

A content trail-building plan helps you get clear on how to move forward. Are you burnt out from creating everything from scratch? Is your content not performing as well as it should? I’ll help you figure what is and isn’t working and provide a path forward.

A content quality consult includes an honest assessment of your content and/or collateral, including websites. I review for readability, voice, and clarity, as well as assess the strength of your message. Expect critique, advice and resources to help you improve your current deliverables and others to follow. *A content consult is a cost-effective way to leverage a top-tier creator. Great for small teams, marketers who need an objective perspective from an expert writer, and non-U.S. companies marketing to U.S. markets.

Advisory services come in handy when you need a professional evaluation of your content plan or strategy. I’ll evaluate for strengths and weaknesses from an editorial, marketing, and industry perspective. From there, we’ll determine a practical path forward.

A white paper plan outlines the stakeholders, the audience, the scope, and the process, ensuring your white paper meets its objectives, launches on time, and gets you the results you want.

A website plan ensures your website is user-friendly and the development process is effective and efficient. Includes an outline with content placement recommendations and/or a development playbook.

Repurposing power helps you make the most of your exiting content. Find out how your can repurpose your articles, white papers, and other content so you can engage your audience without reinventing the wheel every single time.

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