Content Strategy & Consulting Fact Sheet

Content Strategy & Consulting

Strategic planning gives your content direction and momentum. While competitors toss SpaghettiOs at the wall, you’ll breeze by with primo-quality content that follows a focused strategy.

I leverage 25 years of experience and deep life sciences expertise to produce plans and insights designed to bring you results—in less time, with less hassle, and at a lower cost than big agencies.

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Strategy and Consulting Services

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Research & Analysis

Establish a baseline for your campaign, product launch, or content journey. Your custom plan may include any of the following:

  • Customer research to discover what makes your buyers tick
  • Competitive analysis to evaluate how your content stacks against your competitors
  • Gap analysis to identify unmet content needs and opportunities for you to meet them
  • Content audit to identify your content’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement

Marketing & Communications Strategy

High-performing content starts with a plan. Strategy engagements include one or more of the following:

  • Brand messaging: Define your voice, personality, value proposition, approved claims and/or taglines + copy blocks to use throughout communications. An essential step in a brand refresh, product launch, website re-do, or product launch.
  • Content strategy: Define and outline your content goals and themes and develop a plan to achieve those goals through content. Includes breakdown of content types, channels and topics
  • Thought leadership in the media: build brand reputation with a professional writer that knows both PR and journalism. Identify key trade publications, develop compelling pitches, and deliver bylined articles that people will want to read.

Product Launch Promotion

Get the most traction out of your product launch with a practical strategy for your promotional materials and content. Designed to work in tandem with a holistic campaign, this plan assures you produce only the content and collateral you need to succeed. Elements include:

  • Develop messaging guide (see above)
  • Define and develop sales enablement materials (brochure, fact sheet(s), etc.)
  • Define and develop digital content (webpage, splash page, landing page)
  • Communications (press releases, bylined articles)
  • Post-launch content (blog articles, case studies, etc.)

Discovery Sessions & Content Consulting

Get direction and clarity with a low-risk, low-cost roadmapping engagement or assessment. Designed to gain momentum, fast. Possibilities include:

• Content trail-building plan. Are you burnt out from creating everything from scratch? Is your content not performing as well as it should? I’ll help you figure what is and isn’t working and clear a path forward.

• Content quality assessment. Is your collateral ending up in the trash? Landing page not converting? Get objective, useful critique, advice, and resources to improve conversions and engagement. *Great for teams on a budget, marketers who need an outside, expert perspective, and non-U.S. companies marketing to U.S. markets.

• White paper plan. Move your white paper from concept to completion with fewer glitches and less strain on your internal team. The plan outlines the stakeholders, the audience, the project scope and theme, and the process from start to finish.

Website plan. Start your website project on the right foot. This plan includes content placement recommendations and a development playbook.

• Repurposing power. Make the most of your exiting content with effective repurposing. Convert webinars, white papers, and other pillar content into other content types for max value.

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