Content Strategy

Reach MedTech & Life Sciences Decision Makers with Smart Content Strategy

B2B executives rely on content to research vendors and make purchasing decisions.

A thoughtful, well-planned content strategy grabs their attention by accomplishing the following:

  • Your content resonates with your audience enough to convert them from curious prospect to loyal customer
  • It’s delivered in the right format (webinar, research report, etc.)
  • It’s distributed via the appropriate channels (social media, paid ads, email)
  • It gives you a roadmap to accomplish all of the above so you can meet your business objectives

I devote the time you don’t have to assess where you are today and provide solutions to help you get to where you want to go. I also develop a plan to get you there—whether that “there” is more sales-qualified leads, meeting content quotas, or simply coming up with new ways to repurpose content for maximum ROI. And if you’re not sure which direction to take, I’ll give you a map.

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Services Include:

Research & Analysis

Audit and analyze your content, your target audience(s), and the work of your competitors. After a discovery session with your team and a lot of research, I create and present a report packed with findings, insights, and strategic opportunities.

Content Strategy

Everything we learn from your content audit and competitive analysis informs content strategy. Here, we define your content goals and outline how to achieve them. Your strategy includes up to 3 content pillars that set your editorial direction, as well as content topic ideas matched with formats and channels.

Content Roadmap

You’ve got a great plan. Now what? The content roadmap details the deliverables, the process, and the deadlines. Available on a monthly or quarterly basis, produced in Google Docs & Google Sheets for full visibility, or your method of choice.

Discovery Sessions

In addition to helping you draw big pictures, I bring direction and clarity to large-scale projects. A white paper plan outlines the stakeholders, the audience, the scope, and the process, ensuring your white paper meets its objectives and launches on time. A website plan achieves similar goals, lowering the risk of an expensive, time-consuming change-in-scope midstream. 

For more details on strategy and discovery sessions, including pricing:

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